With the click of a shutter and a sharp burst of light I want to capture that one split second that can never be re-lived again in its exact intricacy.   I want people to see beyond the image, to feel the emotions captured at that moment, to cherish the fragility of losing a moment to my lenses. I love the creativity and boundless potential that photography provides and how it lets you draw inspiration from about and within—the buildings, the colors, the culture, the faces.

Growing up in Singapore was a gateway for me to experience the multitudes of cultures and utilize those who surround me to layer my photography.  Being a very energetic and emotional woman, photography became an apt way for me to express myself. My passion for photography began in my childhood where I used to take pictures (with my dad's old dummy film camera) of my barbie dolls in little frocks sewn endearingly by my mother. We didn't have much money to our name but I was knee deep in inspiration. As an artist, I also get my inspiration through travelling, music and wonderful friends.

I do not claim to inspire those who stand before my lens, for they are my greatest inspiration. I see her biting her lips and I see someone who has the years ahead running amok in her head. I see him shy away from her gaze and I see the beginning of a new life that is as delicate as it is dedicated.  And what I see, I freeze into precision, translate into print and immortalise into a lifetime.