My First Winter (Chicago 2013)

I have always imagined winter to be so pretty and romantic.  Maybe a little cold but u know, pretty snowflakes, making huge snowman and snow angels,  stepping on light fluffy snow, walking down a white park enjoying the view of frozen lakes and snow covered branches.  It was perfect in my mind.  

Then I experienced my first Chicago winter.  It wasn't at all what I had imagined.  The brutal cold, erratic weather, snow, rain, sleet, snowish rain...all in one day, resulting in massive amount of black sludge and ice on the floor.  Walking was a problem for me as I was not used to walking on slippery ice.  I find myself slipping and almost falling many times.  Luckily, no accidents yet (touch wood).  It's so cold most days I rather prefer to be indoors.  Walking the dog was no longer fun as I have to layer and layer for a 5mins walk.  Breathing was a problem somedays, it's so cold your lungs and nose hurts.  Sometimes I can't feel my face after 10mins outside.   But there were the days when it was as I have imagined.  -2 celsius became very pleasant after a week of -24 celsius.  And light snow flake days, everything is just powdery white and sparkly in the night.  Those days makes it all worthwhile.

2013-02-04 09.57.52.jpg
2013-02-07 16.04.44.jpg
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