'unspoken' is the second personal project I am doing in Chicago.  It's another one of those spur of the moment, i-just-have-to-do-it thing.  Perhaps I've been hit by a bout of motivation.   Pre to Post production took 6 days, storyline was only finalised on the morning of the shoot.  What started off as a rip-off from 2046 turned out to be something quite different in the end.  Thanks to Sam Sam for reminding me to do something original.  

With the help of some wonderful people, we were able to pull it off despite the short time notice.  I am deeply thankful to Jon & Anita for doing this for me despite being 4 months pregnant and with such short notice.  Zoe for showing such enthusiasm and arranging her work around the shoot.  Caitlin for being such a wonderful assistant.  Donna, Janet & Marson for letting us use their apartments despite given 30mins notice.  Dee for patiently going through songs selection with me and being stern with his critics.  Jyh Yang, Bryan & Brian for being my 3rd Eyes and giving me such useful feedback for my first cut.   And last but not least, Rupert for being such a calm and good boy during the shoot.

The shoot was surprising smooth despite how unprepared I was.  The precious lessons I have learnt through the last two shoots were priceless.  I cannot wait to do more.  

So here is, unspoken.