Shoot at Gary, Indiana

The day started out pretty pleasant.  Although it was a little chilly, the sun was out and sky looked clear.  I was excited.  My first testshoot in Chicago.  Kathryn arrived early in the morning for her makeup session with Zoe.  Makeup was beautifully done and we were all excited about the shoot but more so the trip to Gary, a defunct town.   There were so much abandoned and burnt down buildings around it almost felt like apocalypse had hit and we were in the middle of "Walking Dead".  It was BEAUTIFUL!!! ...well I do have a deep love for abandoned buildings.  And this is a town FULL of that.  It probably have to do with my curiosity of everything.

It turned out to be a much colder day than we had expected.  I felt really bad having to subject Kathryn & Justin to such torture.  It was very cold and at some point Kathryn had to pose pretty much naked on a slab of ice cold stone.  

Here is the tip of the iceberg of our day.  More to come once I get around to editing the rest of the stuff! :)

A huge huge THANK YOU to

Kathryn Cesarz for tolerating the cold, beautiful poses , getting tortured & "holding it in"
Justin Richey for all the heavy lifting, driving, candle dripping and taking such good care of our model.
Zoe Kristen for waking up real early to do the makeup despite having to go to work after that.