Mommy - Short film for the 48 hour film Project 2013 (Best of Screening - Audience Award)



This is a way overdue post.  So here we are on my 5th film project in Chicago.  I wasn't quite sure if I was going to do this at first.  It was a 3 days away from project start date and I have not got a team together.  

Fortunately, Meetup had organized a 48hour film project meet up just 3 days before the project and I was able to gather a team of passionate like minded people together just in time for this little challenge.

Friday evening, filled with excitement, we went to collect our genre.  Praying hard that we will not get the much dreaded Musical genre.  Luck was on our side that day.  We got Dark Comedy.  Essential elements for the shortfilm were Character- Michelle/Michael Madigan.  Prop- Remote Control and Line - "Why didn't I think of that?"

I really couldn't have asked for a better team...everyone was so supportive.  We met up that night, brain-stormed, worked around what we've got, got the shoot schedule and rough script out.  The lines were really pretty much improved as we went along.

Saturday shoot started early.  Everything went really smoothly, nobody had a nervous breakdown.  Valerie and Sandra did an amazing job acting their parts of a pair of psychotic mother & daughter.  

De Lois, John and me worked through the night editing and composing music, designing sound effects for the film.  I was really moved by their dedication to this despite the fact everyone was working on volunteer basis.  With lots of coffee and nuts we pulled through the night and was able to make it to the submission, one of the first teams to submit infact.  

We made it to the Best of Show, 12 films selected out of all the films submitted for this project.  And we also won the Audience Award.  I'm terribly proud of my team.